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Our firm handles personal injury claims arising from serious accidents. We have mastered the laws in this arena, and we stand ready to protect your rights, prove fault, and collect maximum tax-free payment for your injury claims.

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I had the very good fortune of being referred to Ms. Julie Lim, Attorney at Law. Simple words cannot convey the help that I and my family received by Ms. Lim's services. Ms. Lim was very responsive in responding to any questions that we had. The matter although very personal, complicated and difficult was handled quickly and to our extreme satisfaction. I would not hesitate one second in recommending Ms. Julie Lim for your Legal matters. Thank you Ms. Lim for all of the help you gave my family.
Gus L.
I was in a car accident and was in a lot of pain. My cousin referred me to Attorney Julie Lim. Ms. Lim took on all my worries and took care of everything from sending me to the best doctors for medical treatment and providing me with the best service that suited all my needs. One year later, I feel better than ever. Thank you for all your help Attorney Lim!
Michelle R.
We started our journey with Julie Lim in 2016 regarding a very difficult medical malpractice lawsuit. Julie went above and beyond and won my husband's case. We had several attorneys decline my husband's case prior to finding Julie through a friend of ours. We did not realize how difficult a medical malpractice case could be. Knowing the case would take 3 to 5 years, we remained patient, trusting Julie and the system. Julie kept us informed of events whenever issues arose. We were told by previous law offices that it was against all odds in winning this case. Julie proved them wrong. She collected more evidence than you could imagine. Julie hired expert witnesses in this case resulting in a positive outcome. Not only was this case difficult but was located in a different county! Hopefully, the hospital learned from their mistakes!
Helen G.

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